Uebo M200 Media Player

4 Oct

Digital Media Receiver has entered with a bang into the World of Home Entertainment and already started to mark its presence among the people. Uebo M200 media player is the new arrival to the field and is expected to provide its buyers a better class of entertainment. Uebo M200 with its wide range of file supporting features, ability to act as file server along with more attractive features has started to grab attention of everyone and even us and so lets go through its advantages and also the points that makes us concern about it.

Buy Uebo M200 for the following merits:

Uebo M200 has lots of features that are grabbing the attention of masses.

Connectivity Features:

Uebo M200 has both wired/wireless features. Its upto you to choose the one you need. But it’s always preferred to use the wired one unless you feel that wireless could even further improve your sophistication.

Body Built:

Uebo M200 now comes with a black colored body with white touches and pulls your eyes with its manly look. The Uebo M200 is found to be heavy and quite bigger in size because of its two added features. The Uebo M200 has a dimension of 2.5x9x6.5 inches as heightxwidthxdepth.

But with Uebo M200 none will be worrying about its attractiveness because its body built does justice to it.

Uebo M200 Media PlayerIn-built Features:

Uebo M200 provides a USB slots on its sides along with provisions for SD/MS/MMC. There are a couple of host ports available that can provide you drive in place for your external drives. The USB slot can give you enough interfaces for Uebo M200 with your Personal computers or laptops.

It has a 3.5inch internal SATA hard drive controller. There are lots of connection options at the back of Uebo M200 to provide enough connectivity for video and audio output.

Smart Features:

Uebo M200 has the advantage of accessing the devices which are constrained to its network and can access through the internet too and provide the required streaming from it. The media receiver also provides a digital coaxial for connectivity.

The internet based features of Uebo M200 is really the one to be appreciated. We could be accessing You tube, Flickr, Torrents, Picasa and even internet radios. Even it’s quite astounding that even you can walk through the Internet road to reach some really amazing channels like ESPN and get on-demand content of NetFlix and Hulu. But to your attention these needs to be subscribed.

The other features that are grabbing our thoughts are the ability to download files you need from Bit-torrents and its Wi-Fi features. It really amazes us with its ability to handle the media files.

Uebo M200 can be used as an internal server for media files and it makes us feel impressed when we are able to access the files in the way we needed let it be either the media type or by drive. It’s attractive!!!!!

In terms of compatibility no doubt that Uebo M200 is doing really a good job. The list of supporting video files extends as AVI, MKV, TS, TP, TRP, M2TS, MPG, MP4, MOV, M4V, VOB, ISO, IFO, DAT, WMV, ASF, RM, RMBV, and FLV flash files.

The Audio support includes MP3, OGG, WMA, WAV, ACC, and FLAC files which are most probably satisfying most of the audio lovers.

So with all these features and priced at around $130, there is no doubt that Uebo M200 can be a stand out performer in the competition. But still there are certain worrying factors that have to be dealt with by the Uebo M200 to really make it supreme.

Worrying Factors of Uebo M200:

The major concern is its remote control. The controller is a bit awkward with lots of buttons and making things more worse is its “centre button”. If you start using it with the common fact that the centre button is generally for making a selection then you have landed in a wrong place. The centre button in the remote of Uebo M200 actually designed for cancellation. This is really making it difficult for users and it will take a long time for it to get used to.

The next concerning fact is the availability of ports. If you are using Wi-Fi connection and any other external devices then you have to start searching for free-slots as there are only three ports available.

In Uebo M200 the features appears to be ready to use one but still there are lots of hidden problems which is making it not exactly ready for instant usages. For an example though the Uebo M200 is the first of its kind to come with a built-in Bit Torrent client it requires an internal hard drive being installed.

So all these factors are not allowing the Uebo M200 to climb up the ladder and reach top stop in the ratings.

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